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Check-In Surveys vs. Pre/Post Surveys

Learn about both survey options and when each is recommended.

Both Check-In and Pre/Post surveys leverage the same research-based logic model.

  • Check-In surveys measure the research-based PYD experiences shown to develop SEL.

  • Pre/Post surveys measure those same research-based PYD experiences as well as directly measuring SEL growth, which has been shown to promote long-term outcomes such as thriving, college- and career-readiness, health, and wellbeing. They are designed to leverage the full impact of full power of Hello Insight, with real-time, data-driven insights at program's start and end.

Check-In Surveys

  • Allow programs to quickly gather insights at a single point in time, either midway through a program or at the end.

  • Garner feedback from young people about the quality of program experiences.

  • Can be completed in 5 to 8 minutes, on average.

Which programs benefit most from using the Check-In Survey?

This survey is a great option for organizations that:

  • Were not able to administer pre-surveys due to programming or schedule change, but want to invite feedback from young people about the quality of program experiences at the end of a cycle.

  • Are facing significant time constraints or other challenges related to gathering data that is needed for reporting purposes.

  • Want to capture PYD experiences more fully by including additional program participants or specific sub-groups as survey respondents.

  • Are piloting new programming or implementing other changes that would benefit from young people providing feedback on their PYD experiences to date.

To learn more, check out a Sample HI Social and Emotional Learning Check-In Report.

How do I access and launch the Check-In Survey?

The Check-In option is currently available for the following Hello Insight tools: College Readiness, Elementary SEL, Outdoors, Social Emotional Learning, Sports, and Youth Leadership in Action.

To set up and launch the Check-In Survey for an existing group, please follow our instructions for Editing an Existing Group.

You can also opt to use the Check-In Survey when Adding a New Group or Adding a New Program.

Pre/Post Surveys

  • Measure young people’s social and emotional learning baseline at pre and growth at post,

  • Garner feedback from young people about the quality of program experiences

  • Inform targeted recommendations for staff to support each group of young people, assessing the greatest potential for SEL impact at Pre and Positive Youth Development implementation at Post.

  • Completed over two points in time, usually at the beginning and end of a program.

  • Pre surveys usually take 8 to 12 minutes to complete, and post surveys typically require 12 to 15 minutes.

Which programs are best suited for Pre/Post Surveys?

Pre/Post Surveys is a great option for organizations that:

  • Conduct program activities over multiple weeks or months, with stable participation of young people from start to end.

  • Want to capture their program's measurable impact young people's SEL growth in order to fulfill specific outcomes-based reporting requirements.

  • Better understand how young people's SEL strengths and growing edges align with program goals, activities and positive youth development practices.