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Defining Advanced and Emerging Capacities for Young People in Reports

Learn more about how to understand the ways we score young people’s social and emotional capacities in your reports.


Young people come into youth development programs from a variety of contexts, bringing their own unique mix of assets and potential for growth across the capacities that Hello Insight measures. You’ll see this reflected in each report through the breakdown of data into two categories: Emerging and Advanced.

Young people with emerging capacities are those that are scoring low when compared to others in the Hello Insight dataset, and have the most potential for growth. However, given the right set of research-based positive youth development experiences, they can be primed to flourish.

Young people with advanced capacities are scoring stronger and higher -- above the threshold identified in our national dataset-- when they enter your program. However, they still have room to grow!

It turns out that young people who enter programs with emerging SEL capacities grow differently than those with more advanced capacities. So, it is important to understand the make-up of your group so that you can provide the appropriate support. Remember, growth among SEL capacities is not a finish line to be crossed, but rather it is a life-long journey.