Early Administration of Surveys

If you need to administer surveys earlier than you have planned, here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you move forward.

Since Hello Insight measures the development of young people from pre to post, your goal is to have as many young people who took pre surveys to also take post surveys. This will result in what we call "matched" surveys. It is usually best to collect surveys as close to the end of a program as possible, but we know that certain circumstances can require a program to administer surveys earlier than the originally determined program end-date.

1. Launch the Post Survey

On your dashboard, if the survey launch date is significantly earlier than the end date, the group will automatically land on pre survey details (see first dashboard). You can toggle to post to view post survey details (see second dashboard) by clicking anywhere on the post survey launch portion of the dashboard.



2. Load the Post Survey

Both pre and post survey links are live before and after your survey dates. However, if you launch a survey link either significantly before or after their dates, there will be a message notifying the participant to double-check that this is the correct survey to be completed. Young people can select the “We’re getting an early start collecting data” or the gray “LOAD POST SURVEY” to move forward with taking a survey.



3. Share the Post Survey Details

Use the “Email Post Survey Details” feature for each group to receive an email including the link for young people to complete the survey online, a PDF of the survey to print, and all the information you need to gather data. You can forward this email to any staff members who will be participating in administering surveys.



Remember, use the “Track Responses” feature on your dashboard to help identify the individual young people who have taken the pre survey and those who have not.  For the Hello Insight report, only matched responses will calculate and be reported (surveys from the same young person as identified by their initials and date of birth).  This feature will also help you assure that surveys have been entered into the correct site and group.



For additional step-by-step guidance on administering Hello Insight surveys for Ages 8-23, please review our standard Survey Administration Kit.

We also offer specialized guidance for administering our Early Elementary SEL tool here.

If you have any further questions, we’re happy to help at support@helloinsight.org.