Introduction to Hello Insight: Video Library

Learn about Hello Insight, including how the online shared platform works and benefits youth-serving organizations.


  1. What is Hello Insight?

  2. Why SEL?

  3. Measuring What Matters & What Works: The HI Theory of Change

  4. How Hello Insight Works

  5. The Power of HI Data

  6. Our Member Learning Journey

  7. Getting Started (HI's Onboarding Process)

*Please Note: Each featured video is 3-5 minutes in length and the entire introductory series can viewed in approximately 25 minutes.

1. What Is Hello Insight?

An overview of our goals and how we support youth serving organizations as nurturing environments for Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

2. Why SEL?

Understand the connection between Social Emotional Learning and Positive Youth Development.

3. Measuring What Matters & What Works

A walk-through of Hello Insight's SEL/PYD Theory of Change, including specific measures we capture via our evaluation tools.


4. How Hello Insight Works

Learn about our menu of survey tools and how our online dashboard is used to manage data collection with ease.

5. The Power of Hello Insight Data

Learn how HI data can be used to support the ongoing engagement of key stakeholders, including funders, program leaders, and frontline staff.

6. Our Member Learning Journey

An overview of key learning objectives and milestones that guide our Pre / Post survey process.

7. Getting Started

An overview of our onboarding process for new Hello Insight members.