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How to Prepare for Post Surveys


Review or share our video tutorial on What Post Surveys Measure if your team needs a refresher.

Please Note: Post surveys are typically scheduled during the last quarter of a program cycle.


Review the following video tutorial, which outlines how to prepare for Post surveys:



Based on the guidance provided, reconfirm your team’s Post survey plans and dates. 


Identify who should complete Post surveys. 

Only active program participants who have completed a Pre survey for the current program cycle should be included in Post data collection.

  • Why? In order to measure SEL growth, individual Post survey responses must be matched with a Pre survey using a young person’s initials and date of birth.  
  • How?  For each survey group, click the 'Track Responses' button to view all Pre survey respondents.


Be sure to compare the Pre survey respondent list with your current program participant roster before proceeding.

  • If a majority of Pre survey respondents are still actively enrolled, proceed with Post surveys as planned.
  • If many Pre survey respondents are no longer active or you anticipate challenges with obtaining Pre/Post matches, contact your Hello Insight account manager to discuss using check-in surveys as an alternative.