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Programs Operating within a Community-Based Organization | Informed Consent

Use opt-out or full parental consent forms if your program is part of a CBO. Forms are available in other languages here also.

We recommend weaving a parent or caregiver consent form into your registration materials along with other types of permission you are already gathering, such as photo releases. If you have already registered young people, you should send a separate consent form to parents prior to giving surveys.

We offer two forms you can tailor to your program. The first form requires full parental consent, meaning all parents must sign and return consent forms prior to surveying their children. The second option is an opt out form. After two weeks, this form automatically enrolls parents and their children in the process unless a parent returns the form and has opted out. In other words, you do not need to receive all forms back from parents or caregivers, as long as wait two weeks to assure you have received forms from all parents wishing to opt out.

If you have a legal or compliance department, you should check with them to see which best meets their requirements. 

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Forms are available in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, French, and Spanish.