Set Up My Account (Primary AA)

When your organization becomes a Hello Insight member, the individual responsible for setting up an account and managing the data collection process will receive an email invite from  This individual will serve as the primary account administrator (AA), with full permissions to manage your account, configure your online dashboard, and identify additional account or program administrators.  


Tip: If an invited AA does not receive an invite, ask them to check their spam folder. Also, make sure that Hello Insight is added to your organization’s email allow list.


Follow these steps to set up your account. 


1. Select Create Password from your email invite.


2. Complete the Hello, from Hello Insight form, which includes creating a password. Then, select Get Started, followed by Let’s Go. 



3. Schedule a consultation with the Member Success team. 


Tip: Don’t forget to add the meeting to your calendar!


4. Add details about your organization. 


Important: You must complete all required fields to proceed, even if plan to edit this information later.


Tip: Use the dropdown for the Country and State fields. If you type these answers in, a button allowing you to proceed will not show up.


5. The next two screens ask to provide more information about your organization. 

6. Review parent/caregiver consent information.  


Once you complete your account setup, you will end up viewing a blank dashboard that is ready to complete. From here, you can set up your first program. However, we suggest you meet with Member Success to review or finalize your data collection plans before moving forward with dashboard set up.