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Software and Hardware Requirements

Learn what you'll need to use Hello Insight.

There are minimal technological requirements to use Hello Insight: access to the internet, basic computer skills and a modern, JavaScript enabled web-browser. We recommend you use the latest version of your browser of choice. The web browsers officially supported by Hello Insight are Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Each is a free download and free to install and use. Older versions of these browsers, Firefox, and Internet Explorer may work, but are not recommended, as they are not as well suited for the latest web technologies. We recommend using Google Chrome if possible.

For surveys being taken online, you will need an internet-connected device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. These devices must remain connect to the internet for the duration of each survey until a survey has been submitted.

If you're taking surveys on paper, young people will just need a pen or pencil to fill those out. We personally like to use gel pens (only dark colors, of course, for surveys), but anything will work!