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Survey Administration Kits

Use these kits as a step-by-step guide for engaging young people as survey respondents and gathering data in real-time.

Generic Survey Administration Kit - For use with all HI tools, except for Early Elementary SEL.

HI Early Elementary SEL Survey Administration Kit



Preparation Checklist

Ensure that you have appropriate space, ample time, and requisite materials to administer surveys.

Introducing the Survey to Young People (Generic Only)

Review a sample script that explains the purpose of Hello Insight surveys and talking points to help young people feel comfortable sharing honest feedback.

Reference Survey (Early Elementary SEL Only)

Use this version of the survey to introduce it and guide young children through completing each question.

Day Of Checklist

Understand the steps involved when ‘going live’ on the day you administer online or paper surveys.

Next Steps

Learn how to track survey responses and gain insight from the data you’ve collected.