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Survey Administration Tips and Tricks

Survey Administration Tips and Tricks

Online and Paper Surveys

  1. Use only the assigned link or PDF that matches the names of their Program and Site. If you don't, surveys responses well end up mismatched.

  2. Ensure the initials and date of birth are entered correctly. Date of birth is noted as Month/Day/Year. Young people with multiple first or last names should enter the first initial of the first name (for example, César Charria-Mondragon would be entered as CC).

  3. The dashboard shows the number of surveys that are included in the report. This means that incomplete surveys or duplicate surveys are not represented.

Online Surveys

  1. Be sure to use the correct survey links. Young people must complete surveys with program, site, and group names that match their group. This information is shown on the first page of the survey when loaded. You or the young person should verify that this information is correct before taking the survey.

  2. All modern web-browsers will load the survey. However, Hello Insight recommends using Google Chrome. Don't forget, surveys work on any internet-connected device, so a tablet and phone will work too.

  3. You can load surveys in many different ways, so find what works best in your context. You can load surveys before youth enter the room, read the survey link (starting with ins.gt) aloud, or write the survey link on a whiteboard. 

  4. Ensure there is enough internet bandwidth to accommodate the number of devices accessing surveys all at the same time.

  5. Have a few paper copies on hand. There could always be unexpected technical challenges, so be prepared.

  6. Make sure young people hit submit. You don't want all of that hard work to go to waste. Our algorithms can't crunch your responses unless that submit button is fully sent!  Ask young people to show you the "Thank You" screen, which confirms that they at least scrolled through all the questions and hit the submit button.

Paper Surveys

  1. Be sure to use the correct survey files. Young people must complete surveys with program, site, and group names that match their group. This information is shown in the header and footer of the surveys.

  2. If possible, fill in the survey date prior to printing or copying. This will mean young people have one less question to answer.

  3. On the first page, ensure initials and date of birth are legible. This information is critical for our algorithms to match surveys. You may try writing this information on behalf of young people and handing them their survey.

  4. If you make double-sided prints, remind young people to complete the backs.

  5. When a young person makes an incorrect mark, ensure the corrected response is clear. Clearly "X" out the incorrect answer on the paper. Whoever is entering the data should not enter an unclear answer.

  6. Keep data confidential. Store completed surveys in a confidential location in a secure office space. Do not store surveys in an open room where other staff members, young people, parents, or anyone else may have access to them.

  7. Remember to enter your paper surveys online through the data entry link. There is one specific to each group, so be sure the names of the program, site, and group are correct when that data entry form is loaded. Hello Insight offers a data entry service for $2 USD per survey. If you'd like our support, contact us at support@helloinsight.org.