What Responses are Excluded from Reports?

This article will help you understand which responses are flagged and not included in reports.

From the Track Responses feature on the dashboard, you're able to see the identifiers of the young people who have submitted responses for Pre, Post and Check-In. You're also able to view which responses that are flagged to not be included in reports at Pre, Post, or Check-In.


Invalid Responses
Survey responses that are incomplete or duplicate are considered invalid and are not included in reports.


Incomplete Responses
Survey responses are not included in reports if they do not have a minimum number of questions answered.


Duplicate Responses
Reports will only include one survey response for each group at pre or post if multiple complete responses are submitted with identical identifiers. Identifiers are the initials and date of birth of each young person. The platform will always use the most recently submitted response out of a set of duplicate responses.


Unmatched Responses
Survey responses without matching identifiers (initials and date of birth) for a group across pre and post surveys are noted in each response list. Unmatched pre responses are included in reports, while post responses that are unmatched are not included in reports.

If you believe you have more matches, we can help you look through your individual data. Contact us at support@helloinsight.org.