Organization Leader Capabilities

Organization Leaders have the highest level of control in your Hello Insight account. The first person to be added to your organization has this role by default.

Programs: create new programs and edit existing program information
Sites: add sites to programs, manage what sites program leaders have access to, and edit existing site information
Groups: add groups to programs at any site and edit existing group information
Reports: view all reports in your Hello Insight account


Program Leader Capabilities

Program Leaders have control over any program(s) that Organization Leaders have assigned them to.

Groups: add groups to programs and sites that they have permission for
Reports: view reports of programs and sites they have permission for, as well as groups under those programs and sites

How to Change an Organizational Leader

If you need to change the Organization Leader for your Hello Insight account,  please contact us at

How to Add or Change a Program Leader

Only the Organization Leader can change Program Leaders. If you need to change a Program Leader's email address, add a Program Leader, or change site permissions for a Program leader, you can do that by clicking "manage program". 

Next, choose "invitations" if you would like to add a new Program Leader.  Choose "manage leaders" if you would like to change an email address or site permissions for an existing leader.  

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