Programs, Sites, and Groups are the basic structural pieces of an organization that delivers youth-focused programming.

Program: a similar set of services or activities, delivered over a consistent length of time, meant to achieve a common set of outcomes
Site: the location at which program activities occur
Group: a set of young people who experience a program at the same site during the same span of time

Adding a Program

1a. To add your first program, choose "Add Program" from your blank dashboard.

If you already have a program set up, you can choose the "Add Program" button at the top of your dashboard where all of your other programs are listed.

1b. Enter the name of your program.
Note: If you already have a program set up, you may not need to add new program, but rather add sites and/or groups to an existing program.  It is a good idea to add a year to the program (ex: 2018-2019).

1c. Choose the tool you would like to use to analyze that program.
Each tool focuses on a particular type of programming. For example, the College Readiness tool is meant to study programs geared towards college preparation. You may only choose one tool per program, and this tool may not be changed after any groups have been launched for that program.  For a reminder of all the tools we offer, see our website here.

1d. Assign sites at which that program operates.
Start by typing a site name into the blank site input box. You will see any sites appear that already exist within your organization that match what you have typed. If you see an existing site, simply click on that site to add the site to your program. Otherwise, keep typing until you have the full name of a new site. If you need to remove a site from that program, simply click the "x" next to the site name.

1e. Select continue to move to the next step.

2a. Enter additional program details on this page.
You may choose to skip adding this information and add it later.

2b. Enter the unique number of young people served in the entire program in the current year.
This includes youth who are in groups that you are not surveying with Hello Insight. You will be able to update this information for the current year later, as well as provide a new answer each year.

2c. Enter the budget of the program for the current year.
You will be able to update this information for the current year later, as well as provide a new answer each year.

5d. Enter a brief description of the program.
You will be able to update this description later. This does not get updated each year. If there is a significant change in the program description from year to year, you are likely running different programs and should add new programs instead.

2e. Choose Complete or Skip to move on to the next step.

3. Choose whether your would like to add Groups now or ask others to do so.

If you choose to add groups now, you will be taken to a screen to do so. If you choose to invite others, you will be take to a page to assign Program Leaders to the program that you are creating. You can always add Program Leaders or groups later regardless of what you decide to do at this stage.

4a. If you chose to add a group, you will be taken to a screen to add one or more groups.

4b. Enter the name of your first group.

4c. Choose the start and end dates of the groupThis should represent the dates that the group begins and ends. Which may not necessarily be the day you actually survey young people in the group.

4d. Enter the number of unique youth served by the groupThis represents the count of individual, unique young people who are part of that group. This may be an estimate, and you may change this later. You should try to survey as many of these young people as possible.

4e. Choose the site that that the group is part of.A group may only be part of a single site by definition.

4f. Choose to add another group or simply continue to save the new program and its groups.

5a. If you chose to invite others to assign groups, you will be take to a page to invite Program Leaders to the program.

5b. Enter the email address of at least one Program Leader.This may be someone who is already the Program Leader of another program. In this case, their name and email address will appear as you input their email address. 

5c. Choose whether the Program Leader will have access to All Sites or a specific site or sites.By default, a Program Leader has access to add programs and see data from all sites. If you add a site to this program later, those program leaders will also gain access to any new sites. If you choose specific sites for a Program Leader to have access to, they will be able to add groups, see administrative information, and reports for only those Sites. They will however get information aggregated from all Sites when viewing program level reports.

5d. When you are done adding program leaders, choose continue to finish setting up the program and send invitation to program leaders.

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