You may edit your Programs and Groups at any time. Once you know the number of young people in your program, the final dates of your program start and end dates, or the final program structure, you can change the information in your Account.

Adding Groups

Choose the "Add Group" button at the top of the list of groups on your dashboard.

Choose the start and end dates of the group

This should represent the dates that the Group begins and ends. The start and end dates may not necessarily be the day you launch surveys to young people in this Group.

Choose the start and end dates of the survey launch.

These are the dates when you plan to begin administering pre and post surveys. The dates can be before or after the start and end dates of the program.

Enter the number of unique young people served in the Group

This represents the count of individual, unique young people who are part of that Group. This may be an estimate, and you may change this later. You should try to survey as many of these young people as possible.

Choose the site that the group is part of.

A Group may only be assigned to a single Site and every Group must be assigned to a Site.

Choose to Add Another Group

Create as many groups as you like. When you’ve added all the Groups you’d like click Save and Complete to add the New Groups to the Program.

Editing a Group

Organization Leaders and Program Leaders can edit existing Groups at any time.

Select “Edit Group” on the Group you would like to edit

Make Edits

Make edits to the Group’s name, start and end dates, pre and post survey dates, and numbers served. The Group’s originally assigned Site cannot be changed.

Click Save

Once you're finished with all your edits, click Save and return to your dashboard

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