As a reminder, a program offers a similar set of services or activities with a consistent number of hours over weeks or months meant to achieve a common set of outcomes. A group is a particular set of young people who experience a program together at the same site during the same time. Each group receives a pre survey at the beginning of the program and a post survey at the end of the program.

Pre Surveys

Pre surveys should be administered as early as possible prior to any gains that could be attributed to the program. Ideally, pre surveys should be taken by young people as close to the start or even before a program begins, but at least before 25% of the program is complete. For example, if a group starts on February 1st and runs to May 30th, pre surveys should be completed by at least the end of February, but ideally as close to February 1st as possible.

Post surveys

Post surveys should be administered after the greatest duration and intensity of program activities possible. Young people should take the post surveys as close to the end of programming as possible, but before most young people begin to leave, about when 75% to 100% of the programming has been completed. For example, if a group starts on February 1st and runs to May 30th, post surveys should be completed in the month of May. Ideally as close to May 30th as possible, but if many young people will leave the program early, they could be surveyed any time in May.


• Navigate around spring testing: Young people can experience test fatigue, so try not to survey them when they are experiencing a large number of mid-term or standardized tests.

• Maximize attendance: It is better to get more young people to take the survey than have surveys taken exactly on the first and last days of a group.

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