One of the great talents of young people is the capacity to dream. As a youth program, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to teach young people strategies that can help them turn their dreams into reality. Read, watch, and use the resources here to help young people set and achieve their goals. This will help your staff support young people in setting strategy and tracking their progress in meeting personal and group goals.

Articles to read on Goal Management Coaching

A Classroom Full of Risk Takers | Edutopia
One of the great talents of young people is their capacity to dream. We can support their dreams by making them to feel safe enough to take risks to dream big. This article gives us strategies to support them by taking risks and even failing and trying again. We especially love the failure Fridays idea- definitely worth the read!

8 Habits of Thinking Learned from Artists | Teacher’s Voice Blog
If young people identify a long-term goal, it’s good to help them break it down into “baby steps” that can be tackled one-by-one. This article introduces a framework that includes eight mental habits used by artists. The wonderful thing about this framework is that they offer ways of learning that spans across every discipline.

Videos on Goal Management Coaching

The Effect of Praise on Mindsets | Carol Dweck
Young people are more likely to choose challenging options if you have praised their effort instead of their intelligence. This 3 minute video showings the study that proves it. We like this video because it connects to the growth mindset theory, helping young people believe that intelligence is not fixed, but can be grown. 

How To Help Every Child Fulfill Their Potential | RSA Animate
Sometimes, young people need to adjust their plans to get to their goal, which requires a growth mindset. This article helps you point out how to spot the difference between a growth and fixed mindset in a young person. We love this article because Hello Insight is always learning from the past and figuring out better ways of doing things.

Tools to use in Goal Management Coaching

The GPS Way To Thrive | Thrive Foundation for Youth

Young people are more likely to succeed when they can visualize what their success looks like and how they will know they are on the right track. In this framework, GPS stands for: G- Goal Selection, P- Pursuit of Strategies and S- Shifting Gears. We like this resource because it helps young people develop goal setting skills with a memorable acronym. 

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