Staff in your program need to be engaged in order for the young people to be engaged! The feedback we give, and the way it is delivered makes all the difference in front line staff's interactions with young people. Read, watch, and use the resources here to coach and motivate your staff based on your Hello Insight recommendations. 

Articles on Staff Coaching

Two-Thirds of Managers Are Uncomfortable Communicating with Employees | Harvard Business Review
Although avoiding honest feedback can feel like the easy way out, it actually creates dysfunction and disconnection, which leads to an unproductive team. That’s why it’s so important to give feedback early and often. The next time you need to have a difficult feedback conversation with an employee, consider these guidelines: be direct but kind, listen, don’t make it personal, be present, and inspire greatness. See more details about how to do this in this article.

How to Push Without Pushing People’s Buttons | The Management Center
New in management or just need some help with motivating your staff? This article is full of sample language that you can use to push staff to greatness while still leaving everyone in the conversation feeling reasonably good. Just like how it is important for us to create a culture of high expectations with young people, it works with staff too!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Mentors | Stanford Social Innovation Review
Anyone can be a mentor, but what does it take to be a highly effective one? This article give you detailed descriptions of the some practices you can take on immediately to make yourself a better mentor. We especially love the practice of asking for something in return- because we know positive relationships with young people have balance in power and mutual respect. 

Videos on Staff Coaching

Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us | RSA Animate
Our motivations are unbelievably interesting and unique! Studies over and over show that money as a motivator is not as powerful as giving people independence and the ability to self direct projects. We like this because it gives leaders a different way to think about incentives for their front-line staff, especially when extra money is hard to find.

Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe | TED
A great leader is someone who makes their employees feel secure and safe. This twelve minute TED talk helps you understand why taking this on is a big responsibility will transform your organizational culture and better support the young people you work with. 

Tool to Use for Staff Coaching

The Tuning Protocol: A Framework for Personalized Professional Development | Edutopia
You will have much more success implementing recommendations from your Hello Insight report into your program if your staff supports the changes. You can use this innovative, six-step approach of structured yet welcoming group discussion to invite thoughtful feedback. We like this resource because although it is designed for a school setting, you can use it with any group of stakeholders.

10 Ways To Coach Towards Youth Program Quality (PDF) | National AfterSchool Association
Even when new quality program practices are data driven, getting staff on board takes your intentional work and effort. Here are ten sequential and tangible ways to support your staff by coaching them through quality program improvement changes. We especially love how the National Afterschool Association always provides a discussion guide with their tips. 

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