Each staff member in a youth program has unique and valuable experience and knowledge. Leverage that by making sure staff are sharing their own learning with each other.  Read, watch, and use the resources here to facilitate peer learning amongst staff.  Community building is as important with the staff that serve young people, as within the young people themselves! 

Articles on Staff Peer Learning

How To Invest In Social Capital | Harvard Business Review
Strong relationships is the ingredient of an organization that makes everything run smoothly. This article tells us what managers can do to encourage connections among their people and foster more cooperation. Social capital is one of the constructs measured in our Core SEL and other tools, we believe it is as crucial for staff as it is for young people.

Train Your People to Take Others’ Perspectives | Harvard Business Review
The ability to see things through others’ perspective is a skill that connects to high levels of Social Emotional Learning. This article gives you four tactics to support staff in seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. We especially like this because as a pulse check on where staff are in their own SEL.

Videos on Staff Peer Learning

Dare to disagree | TED
At Hello Insight we have a diverse team of thinkers so we make sure to hear from all levels of staff even if it brings up conflict, before making any changes to our surveys or platform. This thirteen minute TED talk shows us how how great research teams, relationships and businesses allow people to deeply disagree. Most people instinctively avoid conflict, but as Margaret Heffernan shows us, good disagreement is crucial to make progress. 

Forget the pecking order at work | TED
If one staff team member is not practicing positive youth development practices it affects all the young people at your program. This 16-minute TED talk helps you build a successful team by creating a bonded staff team instead of praising the highest achievers. We love this idea because it mirrors the positive youth development practices that help young people grow. 

Social Capital, the critical assets for success | TED
Just like shared leadership is crucial for young people’s growth, it is also important for your staff. This article includes practical strategies for leadership to enhance diversity and share power. We love this approach to investing in the SEL of staff as well as young people. 

Tools for Staff Peer Learning

9 Strategies to Make Your Peer Learning Program Thrive | Chief Learning Officer
Think of all of the incredible knowledge and experience inside each program staff members’ brain, now imagine if they all shared it with each other! Getting people together to share wisdom is great, but using the intentional strategies in this article will speed up shared learning by a lot. We like how this can work for your team or a professional learning community of multiple organizations. 

A Guide to Peer-to-Peer Learning (PDF) | Effective Institutions Platform
Peer learning works the best between well matched partners that trust each other and are committed to the same goals and work. This very thorough longer read explores every in and out of peer-to-peer learning in the public sector. We like the easy to read charts and data on peer learning, especially the one on peer learning tools that are used the most often- we didn't know there were so many options! 

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