If you are not seeing the survey count you expect to see in your Hello Insight dashboard, no need to panic! There are a few different circumstances that can cause your survey count to not match your surveys entered within your platform. 

Using a tool that is still in Pilot mode
If you are using our Elementary SEL tool or our Career/Workforce Readiness tool, the counters in your Hello Insight dashboard will not reflect your surveys entered.  If you have questions about the amount entered, contact support@helloinsight.org.

Unmatched Post-Surveys
Our system only shows post tests with matching initials and date of births (JBR121287). If you have entered 7 post tests, but only 3 match the initials and date of birth of pre tests, your Hello Insight counter will only show 3 post tests.  If you believe you have more matches, we can help you look through your individual data. Contact us at support@helloinsight.org.

Missing Data
If young people are taking the survey online, questions other than initials and date of birth are not required.  If a young person submits the survey but doesn't answer 50% of the questions, the survey doesn't get counted in our system.

Internet Issues
If internet service drops while young people are taking a survey online, the results might not be saved to the system.  If you experience internet issues sometimes, it is best to keep paper copies of the survey available as backup. 

If none of these issues seem like the explanation for your missing surveys, please contact support@helloinsight.org so we can help you. 

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