As a new account is launched, as an Account Administrator (AA), you'll receive an email to set up your account. Follow these steps to create your unique login information.

Note: Please check your spam folder and make sure Hello Insight is added to your whitelist.

1. Open your email inbox and click Get Started

When we launch your Hello Insight account, you will receive an email from asking you to set up your account that will look like this:

2. Create your Password

Your next screen is where you will create your password, and you will see a welcome from Hello Insight.

3. Click Let's Go

You'll set up your organization and being creating your first program.

4. Schedule Consultation

Begin by scheduling a consultation with our team so that you can fully prepare your team for a successful Hello Insight launch!

5. Input Organization Details

The next screen is shown below, where we ask for some more information on your organization. You can always go back and edit this information if you don't have it available on hand, but you must enter placeholders to proceed.

Please use the dropdown for the "State" and "Country" fields. If you type these answers in, a button allowing you to proceed will not show up.

The next two screens get some more information about your organization and ask to agree to gather caregiver consent for each young person you are surveying.

After that you are ready for your next steps:
Adding your first Programs, Sites, Groups, or Program Administrators

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