We have more than 125 programs using this survey and have collected the voices of over 8,000 young people. This means that we can be much more precise in terms of how we calculate social and emotional learning and benchmark young people’s growth across a much larger dataset. 

We appreciate your patience and flexibility through this pilot process, as it often takes a long time to gather data from a wide variety of young people (different ages, genders, ethnicities).   We are dedicated to ensuring that our findings are representing diverse populations and that thresholds are set accordingly. 

Here are some things to note:

1. The number of pre surveys and matched surveys may be slightly different.  

Rules for complete and matched surveys now align with all other Hello Insight reports, and so you may see differences in your pre and matched survey numbers.  Now that your data is live in the Hello Insight platform, you can view initials and birthdates of survey submissions, and identify more matches. You can find this new “track responses” feature near your edit button of each group.

If you have edits to your identifiers, contact support@helloinsight.org, and we will make changes for you to maximize your pre to post matches!

2. We have more precise calculations for growth.

Similar to other Hello Insight tools, we have found that young people grow differently based on their social and emotional capacities when they enter your program. Your impact will now be calculated in alignment with other Hello Insight tools, where we differentiate growth between “emerging” and “advanced” young people.  The total “Succeeded” column represents the following:

a. Advanced young people who grew at all
b. Advanced young people who stayed the same
c. Emerging young people who grew at least .25 of the standard deviations

Your reports are rigorous and statistically meaningful - in other words, we are more certain that the growth we are seeing is not by chance. 

3. There is an overall Elementary SEL capacity. 

Along with each individual capacity, this report includes a rolled-up score for overall Elementary SEL development, which includes all capacities measured in the tool. This helps you both understand and communicate your overall SEL impact. 

4. You have prioritized recommendations!  

We mined all of our Elementary SEL data to identify which PYD experiences were driving growth in SEL and for whom. We found that young people of different genders and pre-SEL scores needed to experience particular research-based practices in order to boost their development. Therefore, these two variables are taken into account when Hello Insight makes a recommendation for your group of young people. 

If you have any questions about your Hello Insight: Elementary report(s), please contact our support team at support@helloinsight.org and we are always happy to help!

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