When you log in to your Hello Insight account, you will gain new insights about young people who have taken HI YLA surveys:

  1. Learn how your program is promoting overall SEL and YLA development: Along with each individual capacity, this report includes overall SEL and YLA rollup scores that will help you effectively communicate your impact on young people.   
  2. Say goodbye to the Personal Action capacity: We have removed Personal Action because young people were scoring so high at pre that there was little room for growth. This often occurs when young people do not yet have the information necessary to accurately reflect on their behaviors. In addition, feedback from our members revealed that this set of questions did not resonate with young people. 
  3. Check out a new YLA capacity: There is a new capacity called Advocating for Change that measures a young person’s ability to identify and advocate for crucial social or political issues that affect their lives. In addition, there is a new set of Civic Engagement questions on the post survey that invite young people to reflect on their growing political interests and ability to form a point of view during the program. Since these questions are new, you will only see the Civic Engagement capacities in your reports once you start administering the updated survey to new groups. 
  4. Understand which experiences predict growth in YLA: We have leveraged all of the data captured in HI YLA to identify which program experiences are promoting growth in YLA. As our HI YLA programs continue to expand, we will be able to differentiate the drivers of growth within young people's demographics. For now, the recommendations seen in the reports are static for all groups.
  5. Learn if young people have had research-based experiences: We’ve discovered that the Opportunity to Influence and Opportunity to Lead are key experiences that promote YLA. In your post reports, the recommendations section will let you know how young people are having these experiences. 
  6. View your old data in a new way: We’ve added all of your past data into this new version of reports. However, so much has changed that these online reports will look very different than the ones you have received offline. The offline reports weren’t wrong, these are just much more accurate.

If you have any questions about your Hello Insight: Youth Leadership and Action reports, please contact our support team at support@helloinsight.org. We’re always happy to help!

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