As a reminder, Hello Insight calculates only responses that match from pre-to-post, as identified by their initials and date of birth. Included responses are those with exact first and last initials and exact dates of birth; middle initial matching is optional. 

As you prepare to administer post surveys, you can use the “Track Responses” feature on your dashboard to help identify which young people to gather Post responses from.

The “Track Responses” feature on your dashboard helps you identify which individual young people took the surveys at both pre and post. Young people are identified by their first and last initials and date of birth to ensure confidentiality.

Go to the group you would like to view and click on the notepad icon (if you hover over it, it will say “Track Responses”). This is just to the left of the pencil icon for “Edit Group.” (See red arrow below.)

 In the response view, you can see the list of youth survey submissions that were approved by our Hello Insight platform to be complete for reporting purposes. The default order for this view is by submission data (as represented by the calendar icon in the upper left-hand corner). You can rearrange the list by first name initial by clicking the ABC icon, to the right of the calendar icon.

You can print the identifiers and use it as a checklist to compare with your program participant roster. In the upper right-hand corner, select the printer icon and then select which list to print.  To maximize pre-to-post matches, select Pre since those are the young people who should take the Post in order to create a match; only matched results are seen in your reports. 

The”Track Responses” feature will also help you ensure that surveys have been entered into the correct site and group.

As you begin to gather Post responses into your account, you’ll be able to continuously check the “Track Responses” feature to check which responses have been matched in each group.

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