Hello Insight provides multiple ways to give access to your dashboard to staff who are part of the organization. There are Organization Leaders (OL) and Program Leaders (PL) with different but similar capabilities. Choose the access that fits best for the staff on your team.

Organization Leader Capabilities

OLs have the highest level of control in your Hello Insight account. The first person to be added to your organization has this role by default.

Programs: create new programs and edit existing program information

Sites: add sites to programs, manage what sites program leaders have access to, and edit existing site information

Groups: add groups to programs at any site and edit existing group information

Reports: view all reports in your Hello Insight account

Program Leader Capabilities

PLs have control over any program(s) that Organization Leaders have assigned them to.

Groups: add groups to programs and sites that they were given permission

Reports: view reports of programs and sites they were given permission, as well as groups under those programs and sites

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