Account Administrators (AAs) have the highest level of control in your Hello Insight account. The first person to be added to your organization has this role by default. If you need to add someone else with the highest level of control follow these next steps.

1. Add an AA

Click on the arrow next to your name and then go to My Account

2. Click on Account Administrator

On the left-hand side of the screen that pops up, click on Account Administrators.

3. Click on Add Account Administrator

You will see an input field show up under each already existing AAs in your Organization

4. Input an email address

You will only need the email address of the staff member you'd like to add. They will receive an email to set up their password to access the organization dashboard.

Note: Please check your spam folder and make sure Hello Insight is added to your whitelist.

How to add or change a Program Administrator

If you need to change the Account Administrator for your Hello Insight account, please contact us at

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