Programs, Sites, and Groups are structural pieces of your organization's youth-focused programming. How you structure your Programs, Sites, and Groups will determine how you will select reports and view data.

Program: a similar set of services or activities, delivered over a consistent length of time, meant to achieve a common set of outcomes

Site: the location at which Program activities occur

Group: a set of young people who experience a Program at the same Site during the same span of time; a Group can be young people who are working with the same start and end date, a group of young people in the same grade, or a group of young people that will have a specific coach or teacher

1. Add a Program

To add your Program, choose the "Add Program" button in the middle of the screen.

2. Enter the name of your Program

Note: It is a good idea to include the year in the Program’s name (for example, 2021–2022).

3. Choose the Tool

You may only choose one tool per Program, and this tool may not be changed after any Groups have already been assigned to the Program. For a reminder of all the tools we offer, see our website.

4. Assign Site(s)

Start by typing a Site name into the blank Site input box.

Once you name your sites, Click “Add ‘site name’ as a new site”

If you need to remove a Site from that Program, simply click the "x" next to the Site name.

5. Select Continue

You will be able to change the Program name and add more Sites later.

You may choose to skip adding detailed Program information (program description and # of full-time staff) and add it later.

6. Choose to Invite Others or Add Groups

If you choose to invite others, you will be taken to a page to assign Program Leaders to the Program that you are creating. You can always add Program Leaders or Groups later, regardless of what you decide to do at this stage.

How to Add or Change a Program Leader

If you choose to Add Groups you will be taken to a page to assign Groups to the Program that you are creating. You can always add Program Leaders or Groups later, regardless of what you decide to do at this stage.

7. Choose the Start and End dates of the Group

This should represent the dates that the Group begins and ends. The start and end dates may not necessarily be the day you launch surveys to young people in the Group.

8. Choose the Start and End Dates of the Survey Launch

These are the dates when young people are expected to start taking the survey. The dates can be before or after the start and end dates of the Program.

9. Choose Survey Type

You'll have the option of a Pre/Post survey or a Check-In Survey.

Learn more about Check-In Survey and Pre/Post Survey.

10. Enter the Number of Unique Young People Served

This represents the count of individual, unique young people who are part of that Group. This may be an estimate, and you may change this later. You should try to survey as many of these young people as possible.

11. Choose the Site for the Group

A Group may only be assigned to a single Site and every Group must be assigned to a Site.

12. Add Another Group or Save and Complete

Choose to add another Group or simply continue to save the new Program and its Groups.

Learn How to Edit Programs

Learn How to Edit Groups

Learn How to Edit Sites

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