FAQs You'll find some of our most Frequently Asked Questions here.

Account Management

How do I add, delete or change access to my organization's account?

Account Administrators (AA) can grant access to other staff in your organization. New AAs can be added/changed in My Account on the right top corner of the dashboard. Program Administrator (PAs) can be added through the pencil icon for each Program.

Additional Services

How much does it cost for paper data entry?

The cost for the data entry is $2 for each paper survey

Can you do grant writing for us?

No, we do not provide grant writing services. However, we regularly offer recommendations and suggested language to use when communicating with funders. We also provide a Communication Guide as a resource for sharing insights and program outcomes.

Can you train our staff?

We specialize in trainings that specifically support Hello Insight implementation, which can be tailored to specific audiences. Depending on an organization's capacity, we also provide optional introductory sessions on the Understanding Evaluation, the SEL/PYD Connection, Developing a Data Collection Plan, and Leveraging HI Data that can be incorporated into a service package.


What are the HI Impact and Superstar Awards?

The awards highlight organizations that have successfully used Hello Insight to improve their programs.

What are the Super Star Awards?

The Superstar Awards are intended to recognize the amazing work of youth development practitioners who are using Hello Insight to improve their practice. In addition to celebrating the contributions of outstanding practitioners, these awards also uplift how honorees achieved their outstanding impact so that we can all learn together.

Superstar Award nominees will be identified through an internal application process, which will be reviewed by a panel of youth development experts. The following prizes will be awarded to youth practitioners directly:

1st Place: $1,500

2nd Place: $1,000

3rd Place: $500


Who has taken the survey?

You can view the identifiers (initials and DOB) your dashboard using the "Track Responses' feature (the paper icon found on each of the Groups in your dashboard). It also displays which surveys have been matched and the lists are printable.

What's in my subscription?

Your subscription includes the number of surveys and tools that you have purchased, the start and end dates of your current subscription, a list of your tools, and the number of surveys you have used.


How do I get individual scored data?

Account Administrators can request a download via their Account page in the platform. Select 'Download Data' in main menu. Under the Individual Data header, check the agreement box, and then click 'Request Download'.

How do you protect our confidentiality/privacy?

Hello Insight will never divulge information about a member organization without permission.

Who has access to my data/reports?

Account Administrators have access to all data and reports. Program Administrators can access their own data and reports. No one else has access and Hello Insight staff will only use or release your data if you grant permission.


How do I get help as I use HI?

In your Hello Insight account, select the blue button at the bottom of the screen to chat with Member Success or send an email to support@helloinsight.org. We are here to help!

When is support available?

Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm Eastern US time


What's or why do a pre/post survey? Why do a pre-survey and a post-survey?

A pre/post survey evaluation is the best way to understand where young people's capacities are when they enter programs and to measure growth at the end of programs. The pre data provides early insight into youth assets and areas of challenge, which can help you tailor ongoing program delivery to their needs.

How much time should there be between pre and post?

Complete pre surveys as early as you can in the program, once enrollment is fairly stable. The post survey should be administered during the last quarter of a the program cycle, ideally before there is any significant participant drop off.

When to Schedule Pre and Post Surveys

Do I need IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval?

Institutions vary, so check with your IRB. Many institutions do not require an application to the IRB since the survey data is used for ongoing internal learning and improvement. You can explain that Hello Insight is a core part of the program, much like a reading assessment to determine which book a child should use.

Programs Operating within Academic or Government Institution or a Public School Informed Consent

How many youth should I survey?

As many as possible. The more young people you survey, the more accurate your results will be. Also, the survey will help you focus your programs on what those particular participants need.

Why do I need consent forms?

There is a federal law, COPPA, which requires parental consent for any young person (13 and younger) taking a survey online. For participants 13 or younger, it is therefore required and it is good practice to get parental consent for older participants as well.

Obtaining Parental or Caregiver Permission when Surveying Young People

Can I upload responses by scanning paper surveys?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to scan surveys into your account. We provide data entry services for $2 per paper survey.

How long does the survey take?

The Social and Emotional Learning survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Best practice is to explain the purpose of the survey and why you're asking young people to share information about themselves; this generally takes at least 10 minutes depending on the questions asked by participants.

How much time should I allow for group survey taking?

The Social and Emotional Learning survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Best practice is to explain the purpose of the survey and why you're asking young people to share information about themselves; this generally takes at least 10 minutes depending on the questions asked by participants.

Administration Tips and Tricks

Are survey links live before and after the survey dates?

Both pre and post survey links are live before and after your survey dates. But if you launch the survey link either significantly before or after their dates, there will be a message notifying the participant that this may not be the correct survey.

Can I send links to parents for their child to take the survey?

The best practice is to survey young people in person, however sometimes you may need to have the parents help. We provide parental consent and opt-out templates that can be provided to the parents.

Is internet needed to access surveys?

Internet and a web browser are necessary to access survey links and download the surveys. We recommend testing internet connections in advance. Having printed surveys "just in case", is also a good idea.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Can cell phones be used to administer surveys?

Yes, you can insert the bit.ly link into a phone's internet browser. Young people often prefer that to using a computer.

Can a survey be paused in the middle?

Online surveys must be completed in one sitting. If you wish to administer the survey in one or more sessions, you will need to use paper surveys.

Survey Construction

Is a self-report valid? Why does the survey rely on self-reports?

The tools have been validated so we know they are strong measures of the outcomes' Young people are answering multiple questions about each capacity.

How are the Tools developed and tested?

In creating our tools, we gather data from young people of different ages, genders, and ethnicities who are enrolled in our partner organizations. As we develop the tool we analyze the items statistically to make sure the items are not biased across age, gender, or ethnicity. Tools are not released until we know that a diverse group of children understand them and they are statistically sound.

Are the surveys sensitive to our population? (How are the surveys developed and tested?)

We gather data from over 65,000 young people from all over the country. We pilot our surveys with organizations who serve various populations to ensure that the surveys are not biased for one type of identity (gender, ethnicity, geography or age)

Can I add/change questions? Why Not?

Unfortunately, the surveys cannot be modified. Each of the constructs/capacities measured in our tools have been developed through a rigorous validation process and reports are automatically provided. You may have other outcomes you would like to measure, but we don't have a feature to include those in our surveys at this time.

Survey Description

How many questions are in each tool?

  Pre Survey Post Survey Check-In
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) 54 81 33
Elementary SEL 22 31 14
Early Elementary SEL n/a n/a 16
Career Readiness 44 88 58
College Readiness 57 117 52
Youth Leadership and Action 54 95 65
Outdoors 56 100 54
Sports 53 85 38


How long do the surveys take to complete?

Our surveys take about 20 minutes to complete. However, it helps to explain why the survey is important and allow the young people to ask any questions before, during, and after.

What languages are available?

PDF surveys are currently available in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, and Spanish.

Accommodating Reading and Translatonal Needs

Do you have online surveys in other languages?

We currently do not provide surveys online in languages other than English. In PDF, we provide Social and Emotional Learning tool's survey in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, French, and Spanish.

Accommodating Reading and Translatonal Needs